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Get the confidence to achieve the professional success you deserve

Express Your Confidence

You’re a talented woman with enormous value to give.

 So why do you sometimes feel like you’re invisible? 

Here’s the thing. Whether you’re running your own business or working for an organisation, communicating with confidence and conviction is essential for establishing your value, your credibility and your ability to deliver. 

But without the ability to express yourself confidently… you hold back from speaking up and use language that exposes your self-doubt. You hesitate before sharing your ideas or insights, and sometimes you don’t say anything at all.

And you feel overlooked, undervalued, and sometimes ignored.

 Let’s put an end to this cycle of self sabotage – for good!

If you are ready to....

  • Gain the confidence to speak up and be heard in meetings and conversations. 
  • Become in-demand and highly valued for your contribution and insight 
  • Confidently express yourself with authority and clarity (even to difficult superiors
  • Develop a proactive strategy for your goals and business success 
  • Be respected as a highly influential talent within your industry

  • It’s time to stop doubting yourself and build the confidence you need for the success you deserve. It’s time to transform yourself from invisible to influential and become the Woman of Worth you know you can be.


Woman of Worth is a 16-week immersion program for professional women to revamp their confidence, influence, and success

The only program of its kind, the 16 week immersion is tailored to build greater self-worth for greater business worth, closing the gap between confidence and achievement. This comprehensive and empowering method includes individual strategy sessions, group masterclasses, support and accountability to build and refine key skills you need to make a difference. 

Using the ESTEEM™ method, Woman of Worth transforms you from unsure to unstoppable


A 16-week immersion covering 6 key areas for improving self-confidence, message clarity and physical presence. Using a proven framework for lasting change, the ESTEEM™ method is implementation-focused to transform your thinking, language, and movement for greater confidence and influence.


Self worth is in inside job. Build a resilient and confident mindset for unshakeable self-worth.


Conviction sells. Clarity sells. You need your message to convey both with confidence and congruence.


Over half of communication is body language. Learn to cultivate authority and credibility – without saying a word.


 Stop procrastination, perfectionism and risk-avoidance from limiting your growth.


Develop powerful message delivery and easily hold your own in any conversation or situation.


Be supported, guided and held accountable for the results you’ll achieve.

How Does It Work?

Over 16 weeks you’ll be fully guided, supported, and championed to create lasting personal change. Woman of Worth is delivered through a combination of:

  • Face-to-face personal strategy sessions 
  • Online content including video and audio 
  • Live action-based Masterclasses 
  • Group challenge webinars with Q&A 
  • Telephone check-ins and accountability sessions


You also receive:

  • A FULL personal style makeover with a professional image consultant (completing your transformation from the inside out!)
  • Worksheets and tools to implement your learning and amplify your results 
  • Unlimited email support – you’ll have direct access to Kerryn and her team 
  • VIP online group inclusion to connect with other likeminded professional women


"The biggest shift for me has been in my perception of who I am in my business and what is possible to achieve. I have a bigger vision and ambition now and a belief that I can meet that ambition. That has knock on effects to how I charge out my time (by value, not minutes), which project we go for (playing in the big consulting pond), and how we present ourselves to the world (more focused and specialised)"

Assoc Prof Nicole Lee 


About Kerryn Gamble

Kerryn is an expert in confidence and develops professional women into influential communicators. A skilled and experienced mentor, speaker, author and coach, Kerryn’s passion lies in transforming how women value themselves and communicate their worth for greater authority and influence in their businesses and careers. 

With 25 years experience in professional services, Kerryn has coached and trained hundreds of women to improve their self-worth and communication skills. As a result, women become in-demand, influential and more successful.

Make the change from Invisible to Influential 

Do you want clarity of the value you contribute, conviction of your worth, self-confidence to express yourself, and courage to grow? 

This is the program that will get you there.